Natural Turf Grass

The Strive for Certified Natural Turf

Aldino Sod Farms is on the forefront of the development of Natural Turf Grass products through innovative farming techniques and scientific studies. Since 2005, Mike Barberry of Aldino Sod Farms has been striving for perfecting Natural Turf.  Natural Turf Grass is grown with organic fertilizers, minimizing the need for synthetic pesticides and herbicides, resulting in a cleaner environment and a safer lawn.

Why Natural?

Natural Turf can be obtained with a proactive approach to maintenance and extended care.  From mowing height and frequency to annual maintenance and care, it is possible to produce a beautiful lawn while minimizing the need for harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.


Natural Fertilizers

  • Recycling naturally derived fertilizers increases exchange capacity
    •  such as decayed plant material, manure, food waste, green tilth
    • Organic matter is added to build the soil’s capacity to transfer nutrient to the plant.
  • Recycling fertilizers across industry boundaries for common good
    • Food waste from restaurant industries
    • Compost from organic food production industries


Utilizing Best Management Farming Practices

  • Utilizing crop rotations between Natural Turf crops helps eliminate weeds
  • Erosion control utilizing cover crops
  • Accelerated maintenance programs

Innovative Farming Practices

  • Research with new products
  • Topdressing with organic fertilizers
  • Utilizing latest technology
  • Interacting with International research groups


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