Aldino Sod Farms welcomes new contractors!  Although sod is primarily used for landscaping and establishing an instant lawn, there are many uses such as erosion control, soil stabilization, athletics, and other mixed uses.  Whether you're looking for a small quantity to renovate that townhouse lawn, or you're bidding a large contract by the acre, we have the sod and service to suit your needs. Sod on the pallet

  • Currently a full pallet is 540 square feet or 60 square yards.
  • Each piece measures 24" x 60" totaling 10 square feet.
  • 7560 s.f. per truckload

Sod with Big Rolls

  • Big Rolls measure 42" wide and lengths of 50' or 75'
  • Big Rolls install with 3-point-hitch on a tractor, forklift adapters, or special skid-steer adaptors
  • 3-point-hitch adapters and forklift adapters available with a refundable deposit
  • As little as 4 workers can install large volumes of sod

Call our office today to establish an account and a contractor rate based on volume purchased.  4108798277