1. Site Preparation

Install like a PRO! To ensure the best results, learn tips and tricks from the pros to make sure your lawn is the best on your street. A great lawn starts beneath the surface with fertile soils, a level surface, and preparing your site for sod.

2. Installation

Installation tip from the pros: Before you install your first piece of sod, determine the orientation of your pieces. The first piece will determine how your lawn will immedietly look. The long side of the sod should parallel a straight edge from the most common viewing angle to have an immediate seamless look!

3. Watering your new sod

Did you know? The first 72 hours is the most critical watering stage? Installing sod is a traumatic experience for the grass plants. The roots have been severed, and they are quickly growing to re-establish themselves in your lawn. Watering properly will promote deep rooting and drought resistance.

4. Maintenance & Feeding

Now that you've installed sod in your yard, it is up to you to keep it up to sod farm standards. Sod needs a regular maintenance schedule including consistent mowing, annual fertilizing, and weed and pest management.